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Welcome Friends,


Who knew that when I was just a small child watching my mother sew and making clothing, I too would become very passionate about sewing and making garments. I was always very hard on myself striving for perfection in every stitch. If it didn't meet my standards I would keep on trying.

 At the age of 12, I made my very first pantsuit! I was so proud. My first sewing job was at a tailor shop and within that first year, I was learning from the best German and Italian Old School Tailoring. This gave me the great opportunity to further perfect my skills and eventually run the shop. During this time, I did fittings and worked in customer service. Since then, I have gained more and more knowledge in alterations and worked at a department store as a tailor and in management.

 In my later twenties, I felt it was time to show my expressive side and a more artistic outlook on clothing made from fine fabrics. It was always fun and exciting to do one-of-a-kind garments. Then I moved on to working more on bridal dresses. Sewing together wedding dresses from scratch or from a photo was always my favorite. I will make a bride's dream come true on her wedding day.

 My business has grown exponentially with the internet and I've had orders all over the US. Times change and so has my location of operation. I moved from Mesa to Chandler.

 Today I am a private tailor-seamstress by appointment only. I know your time is valuable and so is mine. Especially a bride's and their wedding party. Because I do men's and women's clothing, this helps take away stress and time for a one-stop shop.

 Fittings can take 15-90 minutes. Details are very important! I always suggest taking pictures as a reference for the alterations. This allows you to see what is going on during a fitting and even after you leave. It is also very helpful and fun to document any special occasion.

 I work from home, to keep my overhead cost down, and I also pass my savings along to my clients. My work area is separate from the living quarters. Children are welcome and I provide a room for busy moms. The parking area is plentiful and convenient, just outside the entrance. Most importantly, I have a business license with the State of Arizona and City of Chandler.

 Note: Please no food or drinks allowed. I do have a small 15lb dog who doesn't shed and is great with children. She's always been my little shop dog and is trained well.

 My work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I'm all about quality versus quantity. I appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to be your tailor.

Thank You

Susan Alandt-Emerson

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