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My services

 Bridal consultation-each bride is quite unique. It's not just about the style of the dress that has to fit the venue. Anything from a conversation on the initial call to meeting my clients needs, prices are always given up front and in writing. Payment is at pickup, cash or charge. Measurements are often needed for online orders for men and women. This is a service I provide.

01 Alterations


It’s very important to do a fitting with the garment on and women should have all their special undergarments on too. Most importantly, have on what shoes you will be wearing or the same height of heel on. Minimum fitting time is 15 minutes up to 60, sometimes 90 minutes. This is why scheduling appointments are great and I find them to be the most efficient. Only a good fitting will give you the best fit.

02 Hems & Linings


When marking a hem, it is pinned at the finished line. All hems should look like the original or better. Lace wedding dresses are never a problem to hem, but they will sometimes require a second fitting. Linings, on clothing, are more work and they need to be adjusted accordingly with the garment, as well the cost. Adding linings is sometimes necessary for some fabrics to make the garment fit properly.

03 Zippers & Buttons


I can fix or replace zippers, from taffeta to lace wedding dresses or add a corset back to a garment. A lace corset back is a great way to expand the dress for larger busted women. This is a cost of $75. Please note: Invisible zippers have fine teeth and therefore, I do not recommend using them. Yes, they look good on, but often, they split and do not zip correctly after one time wearing it or washing it. Buttons on all clothing are no problem.

04 Beadwork


Clients can provide beads, or we can pick from my selection. Often, ideas are shared from a picture. I can estimate a price for the amount of time I believe it will take or I can ask the client what their budget is. This is a good starting point because you can always add more and I can often stay within your budget.
Adding trims to a wedding dress or pageant gown is all about the bling in the right light. Crystals are my favorite to use and just a few can go a long way.


Note: For sanitary reasons, all items must be in clean condition before any work can be done on them. Thank you.

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